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CopyMove 2016 - V4.2.0 Released
Monday, June 12, 2017

This new version, of CopyMove 2016 for SharePoint 2016, is a significant maintenance release with revamped PowerShell cmdlets, new list level settings and some important bug fixes. We highly recommend all CopyMove 2016 customers to upgrade.

All significant changes since version 4.1.0 are summarized in the change log below:

  • Added new CopyMove list settings ​page.
  • Added support for overriding the CopyMove enabled actions at the level of the SharePoint list.
  • Added support for hiding specific lists in the CopyMove destination tree.
  • Added support mapping list fields and content types when copying and moving items with the CopyMove PowerShell cmdlets Copy-SPPItem and Move-SPPItem
  • Added support for excluding specific document and list item metadata values on all copy and move operations.
  • Added new check box Show recent destinations on the CopyMove farm settings page and the CopyMove site collection settings page.
  • To prevent property promotion in SharePoint, CopyMove now removes the following properties from Microsoft Office documents on copy operations; _dlc_DocId, _dlc_docIdUrl and _dlc_DocIdPersistId. Not supported for the older binary formats of Microsoft Office documents.
  • The Include version history check box is now hidden when versioning is not enabled in the context list.
  • Removed the Personal Links list settings from the CopyMove farm settings page.
  • Added new daily SharePoint Timer Job named CopyMove for SharePoint - Ensure user links list. It creates a CopyMove site collection at ~webapplication/sites/sppcopymove for all Web Applications hosting at least one site collection with CopyMove enabled.
  • CopyMove user links in the destination tree are now stored in a separate list for each Web Application.
  • Revamped existing PowerShell cmdlets with better documentation, more options and support for piping with SharePoint objects like SPWebApplication, SPSite and SPList.
  • New PowerShell cmdlets Get-CopyMoveFarmConfiguration and Set-CopyMoveFarmConfiguration for scripting the CopyMove farm configuration.
  • New PowerShell cmdlets Get-CopyMoveWebApplicationConfiguration and Set-CopyMoveWebApplicationConfiguration for scripting CopyMove web application configurations.
  • New PowerShell cmdlets Get-CopyMoveSiteConfiguration and Set-CopyMoveSiteConfiguration for scripting CopyMove site collection configurations.
  • New PowerShell cmdlets Get-CopyMoveListConfiguration and Set-CopyMoveListConfiguration for scripting CopyMove list configurations.
  • New PowerShell cmdlets Get-CopyMovePermissionLevel for getting the current CopyMove permissions assigned to a SharePoint permission level.
  • New Export and Import icons in the CopyMove ribbon menu.
  • Deprecated the PowerShell cmdlets Get-CopyMoveSettings and Set-CopyMoveSettings.
  • Fixed issue where unique folder permissions were not preserved on moves.
  • Fixed the JavaScript error 'JSON' is undefined for older browsers by including the JSON3 library from

Feature Highlight

CopyMove 4.2 introduces new configuration settings at the level of the SharePoint list. The settings can managed with the new PowerShell cmdlet Set-CopyMoveListConfiguration or with the new list settings page in the SharePoint Web UI. The page can be reached from a new link on the SharePoint list settings page.

List settings ​​

The new version of CopyMove 2016 is available for download from the CopyMove 2016 Download page.