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Customer Testimonials

Our products are used by hundreds of organizations world wide. They generally sound very happy with our products and our support. Some have also been so kind to provide us with positive testimonials and allowed us to publish them here.

Rikke Blix Hagemann, Project Manager

“Ever since SimCorp selected SharePoint as our future intranet and document management platform it has been a requirement to deliver a proper move tool. We have tried for years to have a solution developed for us for SharePoint 2003, but it always resulted in a dead-end. Once we upgraded to MOSS 2007 we knew that now it was feasible to make a move tool that can live up to our requirements. SharePoint Products has delivered our new move tool for SharePoint as an add-on solution. We can move files from any location in SharePoint to another making sure that all properties maintain their quality, version history is intact and not least that our unique document id survives the move. For SimCorp this is an important requirement to fulfil and we are very satisfied with the solution provided.”

Sven Worm, Consultant, Logica Germany

“We think that your tool is a very good enhancement to the sometimes limited functionality/usability of MOSS.”

Jeff Geer, Director - Service Delivery

“Unlike some other web parts that we´ve tried, CopyMove works just as promised! “Easy” is the best word to describe it. It is easy to buy. It is easy to install. It is easy for users to learn how to use. It´s a nice touch, too, that it looks so good: it works seamlessly with OOTB SharePoint features. We´re very happy with CopyMove!”

Gail Gammel, Webmaster

“Thank you for your prompt reply. Your product is a life saver. We´re a community bank changing our intranet to utilize the WSS platform as it´s a service available on the server. It´s very easy to put files in the wrong place and then need to move them around. Again, thank you for this solution.”

Doug Tubaugh, Senior Database Architect

“CopyMove has been greatly appreciated by our users. The ability to move documents for one library to another in a batch without losing the meta data has been a big win for our document management process.”

Abhishek Trigunait, Project Manager - Software Research and Development

“Considering the large number of clients that HSP provides its services to, we were in constant need of a tool that could make coping/moving files an easy affair. CopyMove for SharePoint delivers on its promise through an intuitive interface and keeping the SharePoint metadata intact. It has become a quick favorite of our users and administrators alike.”

Cedric KROURI, IT Project Manager

“CopyMove is a useful product with a very simple and well-made user interface. It brings two new features into SharePoint often demanded by our sites owners. Easy to install and easy to use, this tool is perfectly integrated in SharePoint. Good job.”

Jon Taylor, System Administrator

“Hi, I’ve just got to tell you that installing and using CopyMove was a real pleasure. My SharePoint experiences have up till now been – at best – a bit flaky. But you have made an application that not only works well to fill a gapping Microsoft hole, but is so clear and easy to install and use. And it’s free! Even your website is clear and slick to use. Well done & Thank you.”

Dr. Markus Ruppel, Managing Director

“Deploying SharePoint as central document repository for a company one very soon identifies some of the shortcomings of the otherwise very powerful product: The ability to copy and move documents, folders, pages, etc. between various locations. Within the platform there is no user-friendly approach to accommodate this function with the same ease as users got accustomed to in the plain old file system. Here CopyMove comes in. This well designed and excellently integrated solution leverages SharePoint to full productivity in this area. After having used it one can hardly imagine to work without it again, independent of being a user or administrator.”