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CopyMove for SharePoint 2013 now available in BETA1
Friday, June 14, 2013

​We are happy to finally announce the first beta release of the next major upgrade to CopyMove for SharePoint, which is adding support for SharePoint 2013. CopyMove 2013 is basically a 1:1 upgrade from CopyMove 2010. That is, it offers the same features and a similar user experience. However, there are of course some significant investments including:

  • Updated UI styles to match the new SharePoint 2013 look and feel.
  • Support for followed sites in the target selection tree. This is replacing the membership sites functionality in SharePoint 2010.
  • Redesigned Add Site button in the CopyMove target selection dialog.
  • Support for new 2013 list types; My Site Document Library and Tasks with Timeline and Hierarchy.
  • The CopyMove ZIP Export and ZIP Import functions are now leveraring the ZIP framework in Microsoft .NET 4.5. CopyMove 2010 used a third party library as Microsoft .NET 2.0 does not come with a ZIP archiver.
  • Backwards compatibility for SharePoint 2010 sites that have not yet been upgraded to SharePoint 2013 sites. On these sites, CopyMove will continue to work in a SharePoint 2010 look and feel.
  • Removed requirement for server affinity. CopyMove 2010 required that all Web requests in the same user session were routed to the same WFE server in a load-balanced environment. The progress bar could otherwise fail in a CopyMove transaction. CopyMove 2013 no longer requires this as CopyMove progress is announced to all servers through the new distributed cache service in SharePoint 2013.

CopyMove 2013 is currently only available as a farm solution for on-premises customers or private cloud customers. We do currently not have an offering for Office 365.

The screen shot below shows how CopyMove 2013 integrates with the Ribbon control in SharePoint 2013.

CopyMove Upgrade Path: Customers upgrading from SharePoint 2010 using content database attach and deferred site collection upgrade should only deploy CopyMove 2013 to their SharePoint 2013 farm. Do not deploy CopyMove 2010! CopyMove 2013 includes CopyMove 2010 support for all SharePoint 2010 site collections that have not been upgraded to SharePoint 2013 site collections yet. The CopyMove 2010 and CopyMove 2013 site collection feature ids are identical and CopyMove 2013 will in turn stay activated on all site collections where CopyMove 2010 was activated at the time of the upgrade.

Download and evaluate CopyMove for SharePoint 2013