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CopyMove 2010 V2.4.0 RTW
Monday, February 03, 2014

This is a significant maintenance release with several improvements and new features including new PowerShell support. Existing customers on SharePoint 2010 are highly encouraged to upgrade. The changes since V2.3.2 include:

  • CopyMove now impersonates the site owner of the target site collection when importing items. Before it was running as SystemAccount, which prevented auto-triggered workflows from starting. Permissions of the context user are of course enforced before importing anything.
  • New PowerShell support with the following Cmdlets included:
    • Get-SPPLicense: Retrieves the CopyMove license key as a string.
    • Set-SPPLicense: Updates the CopyMove license key from a string.
    • Get-CopyMoveSettings: Retrieves the CopyMove farm settings or site settings as an XML string.
    • Set-CopyMoveSettings: Updates the CopyMove farm settings or site settings from an XML string.
    • Copy-SPPItem: Copies list items, documents and folders with full fidelity.
    • Move-SPPItem: Moves list items, documents and folders with full fidelity.
    • Set-CopyMovePermissionLevel: Updates CoyMove permission flags on a SharePoint permission level.
  • Added support for wild-card inclusion of site collections in the target selection tree. Requires the SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Search Service Application to be provisioned and running with an up-to-date index.
  • The ECB context menu items 'Copy' and 'Move' are now trimmed dynamically through javascript when required. That is, they will now by default always show up in the ECB context menu when the CopyMove site collection feature is active. To trim them by permissions again, goto the CopyMove settings page and check the check box labeled 'Restrict CopyMove usage to authorized users'.
  • Improved progress title in the progress dialogs.
  • Added Danish translation of the user interface.
  • The error "Cannot import this Web Part", when copying/moving Web Part pages, is now handled as a warning and no longer causes CopyMove to abort the copy/move process.
  • Custom SharePoint event receivers can now query the context user from the CopyMove processor thread as follows:
    string contextUser = (string)Thread.GetData(Thread.GetNamedDataSlot("CopyMoveContextUser"));
  • Improved status messages for publishing pages.
  • Fixed issue with loss of metadata when the target library was configuring for no versioning and required check-out of documents. This is the default configuration of the DropOffLibrary in a records center.
  • Disabled mapping of site relative URL references in Web Parts when copying/moving Web Part pages.
  • Fixed issue where the install script failed to launch on servers with PowerShell 3.0.

The new version of CopyMove 2010 is available for download from the CopyMove 2010 Download page.