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CopyMove 2010 - V2.2.0 released
Wednesday, April 04, 2012

CopyMove 2010 is now also available with French, German and Spanish translations of the Web User interface. The translations are baked into the product and it is therefore just a matter of upgrading to V2.2.0 to leverage them. The CopyMove Web UI will in turn present itself in the same language as SharePoint itself. For any other language it simply reverts to the English language. Need CopyMove in another language? Please see our related FAQ article!

See the following screen shots to experience the look & feel of the French, German and Spanish translations.


The complete list of changes since V2.1.1:

  • Added French translation of the Web user interface.
  • Added German translation of the Web user interface.
  • Added Spanish translation of the Web user interface.
  • Added options to disable the Copy and Move include check boxes Authors & Dates, Version history and Item permissions
  • Improved error message on unexpected errors.
  • Improved error message when the process account/application pool account cannot access the temporary file location on the WFEs.
  • Improved diagnostics logging on document transactions.
  • Fixed bug where CopyMove timer job cleans up temporary files too early. This could result in the error Could not find a part of the path 'C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\LOGS\SharePointProducts\... during copy/move operations.
  • Fixed error "Detected use of SPRequest for previously closed SPWeb object" that could appear in the SharePoint logs.
  • Fixed issue in the target selection tree where it was not possible to select a root level target list with the same URL name as the root level source list.
  • Fixed issue with duplicate document IDs when moving a document with a unique document ID and then saving it as a new copy from Office.
  • Fixed JavaScript bug "length is empty or not an object" when selecting items in a document library.


The new version of CopyMove 2010 is available for download from the CopyMove 2010 Download page.