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CopyMove V1.2.9 Released
Thursday, December 30, 2010

New maintenance release with bug fixes, performance improvements as well as a few new features.

Changes since V1.2.8:

  • Fixed license issue where CopyMove would stop working when the Support and Upgrade contract expired. This new version of CopyMove will require a license with a support and upgrade expiration date greater than 2010-12-01. Please contact if your CopyMove license has suddenly stopped working with an older version of the product. We will then issue a new license with an extended support and upgrade contract.
  • Fixed bug "Object reference not set to an instance of an object", which could occur on the CopyMove item and target selection page.
  • Fixed issue where the left-hand pane on the CopyMove target selection page did not always align itself with the current list view. This would sometimes get CopyMove to show different items than in the source list where the user selected the Copy or the Move action.
  • Fixed bug where DateTime field values in document libraries where sometimes lost on the first file version when copying or moving the file.
  • The Move action in the list action menus now requires the current user to have delete list item permission. Otherwise it does not show. The Copy action, is like before always included in the Actions menu.
  • Fixed issue where CopyMove sometimes hangs indefinetely on the progress bar page while the Copy/Move transaction completes under the hood.
  • Fixed bug "Server Out Of Memory". This error could occur when copying/moving items to a target folder containing a large number of items.
  • Added Danish translation of the user interface.
  • Target selection tree - the number of displayed sibling folders is for performance reasons now limited to the 600 most recent folders.
  • Fixed issue where the source item selector on target selection page did not always show the selected source item from grouped SharePoint views.
  • CopyMove settings in Central Admin - added option for specifying the template ids of compatible lists and libraries that the target selection tree may suggest as a target for the selected source items. By default CopyMove will allow copying and moving files across all document library types. But for lists it will by default only allow copying and moving items to a list of the same type as the source list.
  • Improved performance when copying or moving items to document libraries and lists containing thousands of files and folders.
  • Target selection page - added new text box where users can directly type or paste the target folder url.
  • Target selection tree - the current site is now always shown as the first node in the tree. This removes the pain of having to scroll down the tree to find the current site in deployments with many sibling sites.
  • Fixed issue where DateTime values in calendar lists where shifted by the time difference between UTC time and local time.
  • Fixed javascript error in the Calendar view.
  • Added sppcopymove.en-US.resx files to avoid fallbacks to the sppcopymove.resx files which seems to yield the following error in the ULS logs: "Could not open sppcopymove.en-US.resx".