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BETA2 of CopyMove for SharePoint 2010 released!
Friday, April 08, 2011

New BETA release with a few improvements and bug fixes. We expect this release to be the last beta before RTW.

Download and evaluate CopyMove for SharePoint 2010

Changes since V2.0.0.154 (BETA1):

  • Improved installation scripts. The WSP solutions are now deployed to the local server first and then to all servers in the farm via the SharePoint Timer Service. The local deployment prevents a possible error where SharePoint cannot find the assembly SharePointProducts.Platform.dll in a feature callout.
  • Fixed issue where DateTime fields in document libraries were offset by the time difference to UTC time when copying/moving Microsoft Office 2007/2010 documents.
  • Replaced proprietary diagnostics logging with logging to the SharePoint diagnositics log (ULS). This includes a PowerShell script GetLogFile.ps1 that can be used to extract recent CopyMove related events from all servers in the farm.
  • Added the Copy and Move actions to Site Collection Help Libraries.
  • Fixed the error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object", which could occur when copying or moving a document.
  • Fixed the error "Unable to update the information in the document", which could occur when copying or moving Microsoft Office documents. It is really a SharePoint problem as it also fails when you try to update the Metadata of the document. CopyMove now implements a work-around for this issue.
  • Improved warnings. CopyMove now collects warnings during copy and move operations and displays them to the user when the transaction has completed. This is warnings like CopyMove being unable to update the Metadata of a document or being unable to import Web Parts on a Web Part page.