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How to Report Problems

If you as a SharePoint administrator encounter any undocumented problems with CopyMove then you can report it to our support team who will do their best to help you. New support cases can be opened by email to or by submitting the support form. We do not offer phone support and conference calls with desktop sharing unless strictly necessary. All support cases must start with a written description of the problem.

To help us understand and reproduce the problem, please provide as much relevant information as possible. Please do not just state that it does not work or that you get this and that error message. We will in turn just ask you for more information causing a delay in the resolution process. Study the following check list to see what kind of information you can include in the support email:

  1. Description of the expected behavior.
  2. Description and screen shots of the unexpected behavior.
  3. Answer to the question: "Can you reproduce the problem anywhere else in SharePoint or is it restricted to a specific site, file, list or document library?"
  4. Answer to the question: "Can you reproduce the problem in all your SharePoint environments including Development, Test and Production?"
  5. Description of all the steps required to reproduce the problem.
  6. Description and screen shots of relevant configuration settings, like Content Types and Columns in a document library.
  7. If possible and relevant, a copy of the document library or list where CopyMove fails to copy or move one or more items. Save the list as a template and include the .STP file in the support email.
  8. If the error looks like a bug in CopyMove then we also need a copy of the CopyMove diagnostics log file. See the section Diagnostic Logging in the CopyMove 2010 Administrator's Guide to learn how to produce a diagnostics file using the GetLogFile.cmd script included in the product download.