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FAQ: The resource object with key 'SettingsPage_Title' was not found

Applies to: CopyMove for SharePoint 2010

The following error shows when trying to access the global CopyMove settings page from Central Administration.


The CopyMove solutions sharepointproducts_platform.wsp and sharepointproducts_copymove.wsp are not deployed to the SharePoint Web application that is hosting Central Administration. Hence, the resource files sppplatform.en-US.resx and sppcopymove.en-US.resx are missing from the App_GlobalResources folder of the Web application.


Deploy both solution packages to the Web application that is hosting Central Administration. The PowerShell installation script supplied in the CopyMove download does by default deploy CopyMove to all content Web applications and all Admin Web applications. If you are deploying CopyMove manually or through custom scripts make sure to also deploy to Central Admin.