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FAQ: The free version of CopyMove says the license has expired - is it not free?

​Applies to: CopyMove for SharePoint 2007

Yes it is still free - it is only that the free versions of CopyMove 2007 expires approx. one year after they are released. To extend the free license, simply download the latest version and run setup.exe on the server to upgrade your SharePoint farm. This operation will buy another year of uninterrupted usage of CopyMove. Paying customers will not experience this problem.

However, it is possible to request a free license key to avoid future interruptions. It also limits the usage to one server and one named user like the default license that is built into the product. The only difference is that it does not have an expiration date on it.

Use our support form to request a permanent license for the free version of CopyMove 2007.