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FAQ: Do I need a new license when upgrading to SharePoint 2010?

No, existing customers with a valid support and upgrade contract can apply their existing license key when upgrading from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010. All CopyMove licenses does by default include a support and upgrade contract for one year from the day of purchase. A valid contract includes free support and free upgrades to all CopyMove 2007/2010 versions released within the contract period.

But existing customers with a support and upgrade contract that has expired prior to the release date of the current verison of CopyMove 2010, will need to purchase a new license for the product. A 50% discount applies to license upgrades.

When purchasing a new CopyMove license or when upgrading an existing license, it should be considered to include one or two additional years of support and upgrade. It is 25% and 50% on top of the list price respectively. It is in other words half-price to purchase additional years of support and upgrade upfront. See the CopyMove 2007 Pricing and CopyMove 2010 Pricing pages for details.