CopyMove for SharePoint 2010

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Release Date  :  2011-08-05
System Requirements  :  .NET 3.5+, Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010
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CopyMove for SharePoint 2010 is a commercial add-on for Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 and Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. It adds user friendly Copy and Move actions to document libraries and lists. The following list types are supported OOTB:


To install CopyMove for Sharepoint, please follow the instructions below:


This product requires a commercial license from SharePoint Products to work properly in a production environment. For evaluation purposes it does work without installing a license - but is then limited to a maximum of two Web Front-End servers and two unique users for a period of 30 days. After that the product locks and requires the installation of a license file issued by SharePoint Products.

Known Issues

The product is currently only available in US English. But all UI strings are defined in the file sppcopymove.resx located in the App_GlobalResources folder of each Web Application. Hence, it is possible to create your own UI localization. For instance to create a Dutch localization of the CopyMove UI, make a copy of sppcopymove.resx and rename it to Then open it in an XML editor and translate all the text inside the <value> tags.


In the event that you experience unexpected behavior or an unexpected error when using CopyMove, please proceed as follows:

  1. Start by checking our online FAQ to see if there is a solution or work-around available.
  2. Check the release notes for the most recent version of CopyMove to see if the problem has already been addresses in a newer version.
  3. If the problem persists and you cannot find a solution on our Web site then contact our Support Team by email.

Please provide the following information when reporting a problem:

  1. A description of your SharePoint farm including; Number of servers in the farm, SharePoint version (Foundation or Server), Service Pack level, Browser make and version in case of client-side errors.
  2. The exact version number of CopyMove that causes the problem, e.g. V2.0.1.302
  3. A description of all the steps required to reproduce the problem. Include any applicable screen shots
  4. A description of any customizations that you have made to the affected SharePoint document library or list. Include any applicable screen shots
  5. If the problem appears to be a programmatic bug in CopyMove then we will also need an extract of the SharePoint diagnostics log files. This is easily created by running the script GetLogFile.cmd included in the ZIP download. Attach the resulting SPP.LOG file to your support email.

We will then respond asap, which is usually within 24 hours on work-days.


V2.0.1.302 - 2011-08-05

V2.0.0.283 - 2011-06-01

V2.0.0.266 (BETA2) - 2011-04-08

V2.0.0.154 (BETA1) - 2011-03-13